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Some of my scientific publications are linked below. Refer to the lab page for details regarding my work.

M. A. Tahir and H. Vahedi Tafreshi, Infuence of Fiber Orientation on the Through-plane Permeability of Fibrous Media, Physics of Fluids, 21, 1-5 (2009).

A. Ashari, T. M. Bucher, H. V. Tafreshi, M. A. Tahir, and M. S. A. Rahman, Modeling Fluid Absorption in Thin Fibrous Sheets: Effects of Fiber Orientation, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 53, 1750 (2010).

M. A. Tahir, H. Vahedi Tafreshi, S. A. Hosseini, and B. Pourdeyhimi, Modeling the Role of Microstructural Parameters in Radiative Heat Transfer through Disordered Fibrous Media, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 53, 4629-4637 (2010).

Q. Wang, M. A Tahir, L. Zhang, and X. Zhao, Electro-creasing Instability in Deformed Polymers: Experiment and Theory, Soft Matter, 7, 6583 (2011).

L. Gao, M. A. Tahir, L. N. Virgin, and B. B. Yellen, Multiplexing Superparamagnetic Beads Using Phase-Modulated Multi-Frequency Ratchets, Lab on a Chip, 11, 4214-4220 (2011).

M. A. Tahir, L. Gao, L. N. Virgin, and B. B. Yellen, Transport of Superparamagnetic Beads through a Two-Dimensional Potential Energy Landscape, Physical Review E, 84, 011403 (2011).

Q. Wang, M. A. Tahir, J. Zang, and X. Zhao, Dynamic Electrostatic Lithography: Multiscale On-demand Patterning on Large-Area Curved Surfaces, Advanced Materials, 24, 1947-1951 (2012).

Y. Ouyang, M. A Tahir, and B. B. Yellen, On the origin of multiplexing capabilities of multi-frequency magnetic ratchets, Physical Review E, 85, 041407 (2012).

K. Khalil, A. Sagastegui, M. A. Tahir, B. J. Wiley, and B. B. Yellen, Binary colloidal structures assembled through Ising interactions, Nature Communications, 3, 794 (2012).

› Old Stuff

Paper on natural language programming that I wrote junior year in high school. I attempted to design a system that could take arbitrary natural language statements (domain-specific, however), and use artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools to convert it to a programming language that I created, which was then executed through an interpreter. Here is a paper I wrote to summarize my design:

A Novel Approach to Natural Language Programming

Submissions for contests in mathematical modeling when I was in high school. These are 48 or 96 hour long contests where teams attempt to solve a modeling problem:

Mathematical Contest in Modelling, February 2009

HS Mathematical Contest in Modeling, September 2009

Very old things that I wrote for random courses in high school:

Proof that the Trajectory of a Falcon is in the form of a Logarithmic Spiral

Some curve fitting on Global Warming data

Continued Fractions

Proof that length of an aorta scales with mass of organism by M^1/4

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Here is one of the books I have written:

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